HS6251 Technical English II Model Question Paper

Anna University Question Paper Nov/Dec 2016

HS6251 Technical English II Model Question Paper

 HS6251 Technical English II Model Question Paper                                 

Total Marks: 100

Part A (20 marks)

  1. Rewrite the following in Impersonal Passive form:
  2. The Editors have retained the broad themes of the original book in the revised edition.
  3. The authorities use the Conference hall on special occasions.
  4. Choose the correct alternative from the homophones given and fill in the blanks:
  5. The _____________ (principal/ principle) ingredient in an ice cream is milk.
  6. I bought the book that I bought last ______________(weak/week).
  7. Mother Teresa was known for the _________(alms/arms) she did to the needy.
  8. Education plays an important ______________(roll/role) in man’s life.
  • Make sentences expressing purpose using the hints given below:
  1. Feasibility report: makes recommendations on the practicality of a project
  2. John wanted to check the oil in the engine. He used a dipstick.
  3. Complete the sentences using “if clauses”:
  4. If I had studied well, ________________
  5. If you follow the footsteps of great scholars, ______________
  6. Combine the following sentences using words to show causal relation:
  7. Reading habit among children has come down. They are attracted towards electronic media.
  8.  Tom is in a position to help. You can approach him.
  9. Make sentences using the following words as nouns and verbs:
  10. Project
  11. Break
  • Rewrite the following as numerical expressions:
  1. A video running for 50 seconds
  2. A cricket matching lasting three days
  • Combine the following pairs of sentences using suitable clauses:
  1. He returned the books. He had borrowed last week.
  2. It was an unforgettable moment. He was given the Best Student Award.
  3. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate collocation:
  4. To __________ (take/ treat/ say) someone for granted.
  5. To ______________(play/ make/ set) tricks on someone
  6. To ___________________ (run/ make/ maintain) a business
  7. To ________________________ (break/ crack/ clash) a news
  8. Frame sentences using the phrasal verbs:
  9. Call for
  10. Wind up
Part B (80 marks)
  1. a) (i) Write an Application Letter for the Post of Administrative Officer with a resume to the HRD Manager, Doshik Constructions Pvt. Ltd., 15, Greams Road, Chennai-600 002.

(ii) 1. Prepare an eight item checklist to take a seminar.

  1. Write a report on an Industrial Visit


  1. b) (i) Write a letter of Application for the post of Marketing Manager.

(ii) 1. Write an eight item checklist for an Interview.

  1. Write a report on an Industrial Visit
  2. a) (i) Write a letter to your friend inviting him to attend a seminar organized by your college.

(ii) Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on winning the Gold medal in the National Level Football tournament.


  1. b) (i) Write a letter to your cousin inviting him to attend your Annual Sports Meet.

(ii) Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on passing the IAS examination.

  1. a) (i) Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the laptop he presented for your birthday.

(ii)      1.Write a letter to your friend reviewing a film you watched recently.

  1. Write the elements of technical articles


  1. b) (i)    Write a review of a story or an article which you read recently.
  2. Write the elements of technical articles

(ii) Write a letter to your teacher thanking him for sponsoring you for a Two week training.

  1. a) (i) Write the minutes of the Literary Club Meeting.

(ii) Study the feasibility of opening a departmental store in a fast developing area in the suburbs of the city. Submit the report to the Director of “Trust Departmental Store”, which has outlets in many parts of the state.


  1. b) (i) Write the minutes of the Board meeting conducted in your Organization.

(ii)  Your college is planning to convert all of its classrooms as smart classrooms. As the Professor in charge of academic development you are requested to study the feasibility and submit a report. You need to consider the finance involved, advantages and disadvantages of smart classrooms etc.

  1. a) (i) Prepare a report on the accident that happened in the construction site of a multi-storeyed building to be submitted to the Managing Director, “Hi-Tech Buiders”. Give suitable recommendations to avert such accidents in future.

(ii) Share your thoughts to John about pollution in the water bodies and ways to keep them clean. Write out this dialogue.


  1. b) (i) Write an investigation report

(ii) Your brother likes only junk food so you intend to make him understand the ill effects Write out this dialogue.

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